DCPC500 1mil Double Sided Polyimide Tape

DCPC500 1mil Double Sided Polyimide Tape

Our 1 mil polyimide film with 1.5 mil double sided silicone adhesive, offers outstanding thermal endurance with excellent puncture and tear resistance. Its non-corrosive nature permits use with ultra-fine magnetic wire. This 1 mil double coated polyimide film is ideal for precise ground barrier or layer insulation. It is also suitable for die cutting.


Product# :


Total Thickness :

4 mil

Film Thickness :

1 mil

Adhesive Thickness : 1.5 mil silicone adhesive on both sides
Temperature Rating : 500ºF
Part Number Size Price/ Roll

DCPC500-0250 Double  Coated  Polyimide

1/4" x 11yds


DCPC500-0375 Double Coated Polyimide

3/8” x 11yds


DCPC500-0500 Double Coated Polyimide

1/2" x 21yds


DCPC500-0625 Double Coated Polyimide

5/8” x 21yds


DCPC500-0750 Double Coated Polyimide

3/4" x 21yds


DCPC500-1000 Double Coated Polyimide

1" x 21yds


DCPC500-1500 Double Coated Polyimide

1-1/2" x 21yds


DCPC500-2000 Double Coated Polyimide

2" x 21yds


DCPC500-3000 Double Coated Polyimide

3" x 21yds


ACPC500  1mil Polyimide Tape with Acrylic Adhesive

Our 1 mil polyimide film with 1.5 mil acrylic adhesive offers high heat and radiation resistance, and excellent dielectric strength. The tape removes easily without leaving a residue. This 1 mil acrylic polyimide tape is ideal for use in electrical engineering as an insulating material or where a silicone adhesive is not an option. A suitable alternative to Permacel P-224.


Product# : ACPC500
Film Thickness : 1 mil polyimide film
Adhesive Thickness : 1.5 mil acrylic
Temperature Rating : 300ºF
Part Number Size Rolls Per Case Price/ Roll Price/Roll (Case)
ACPC500-0250 Polyimide Tape

1/4" x 36yds




ACPC500-0500 Polyimide Tape

1/2" x 36yds




ACPC500-0750 Polyimide Tape

3/4" x 36yds




ACPC500-1000 Polyimide Tape

1" x 36yds




ACPC500-1500 Polyimide Tape

1-1/2" x 36yds




ACPC500-2000 Polyimide Tape

2" x 36yds




ACPC500-3000 Polyimide Tape

3" x 36yds